SAC – 400

Can be used on all types of fabrics PACK SIZE AVAILABLE: 5 Kg / 35 Kg / 50 Kg / 200 Ltr

The Product

Neutraliser used in laundries to remove the alkalinity from the clothes.


Effective action*


  • Also removes Chlorine when used after bleaching.
  • For safe to wear fabrics
  • Protects the wearer by eliminating any possible skin irritation
  • Can be used on all types of fabrics.
  • Eliminates further strain on fabrics


3 to 5 gms. per 1 Kg dryload, depending on the soil level, types of clothes and the hardness of water.


All clothes

Technical data

  • Colour :Pale Yellow
  • Odour :Mild Characteristic
  • Appearance :Powder form
  • pH :5.0 ± 1.0 in 1% solution
  • Specific Gravity :NA
  • Viscosity at 270C :Not Applicable
  • Flash Point :NA
  • Solubility :Soluble in water
  • Risibility :Easy to Wash off