SAC 1100

Pleasant and lingering fragrance. PACK SIZE AVAILABLE: 5 Kg / 35 Kg / 50 Kg / 200 Ltr

The Product

FABRIC FRESHENER for the washed clothes. Though the main detergent may contain perfumes, the fragrance does not last after tumble drying and ironing; hence SAC 1100 is sprayed on the fabrics before they are delivered to the customer.


Pleasant and lingering fragrance.


  • Imparts a pleasant fragrance to the fabrics.
  • Miscible in water in all proportions.


2-3 gms per Kg dryload.


Towels, napkins, bedsheets that require softeneing

Technical data

  • Colour :Pale Yellow
  • Odour :Mildly Perfumed
  • Appearance :Cloudy Liquid
  • pH :6.0 ± 0.5
  • Specific Gravity :0.900 – 1.010
  • Viscosity at 270C :Not Applicable
  • Flash Point :NA
  • Solubility :Soluble in water
  • Risibility :Easy to Wash off